I write short fiction and am also working on a novel. You can also read about my approach to writing fiction on Medium, where I've been reflecting on what I've learned at the end of each year.


“Like Nowhere Else”

Short story “Like Nowhere Else” was published in a limited edition zine, Heart Locker, along with “A Curse of the Heart” by Zedeck Siew.



Short story "Bird" was a finalist for the DK Dutt Memorial Prize and awarded the Runner Up prize. The story is published in the anthology, Bitter Root, Sweet Fruit, ed. Sharon Bakar and Dipika Mukherjee (2017).


"Wanton Noodles"

My short story "Wanton Noodles", first published in Little Basket: New Malaysian Writing 2016, was selected for the Cerpen Terbaik (Best Short Stories) 2016 anthology, ed. Ainul Muaiyanah Sulaiman.


"Wanton Noodles"

"Wanton Noodles" was published in the anthology Little Basket 2016: New Malaysian Writing (Fixi), ed. Catalina Rembuyan, Lee Ee Leen, Ted Mahsun, Tshiung Han See.


"Smoke Flowers"

"Smoke Flowers" was published in the anthology KL Noir Blue (Fixi, 2014), ed. Lee Ee Leen.